This Is When and How Prince William and Kate Middleton Told Prince George He Would Be King Someday, According to Royal Authors

Prince George is the third-in-line to the British throne, as the oldest son of Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge. As a result, many royal fans have been wondering for a long time when his parents would tell their firstborn about the line of succession and his place within it.

Here’s what two royal experts had to say about the timing, as well as how Will and Kate told George that he would one day be king.

Prince William has spoken out about when he plans to tell Prince George about his plans for the future.

Prince William has previously been asked when he plans to tell his eldest son about his future plans. The Duke of Cambridge stated that he did not want to reveal George’s fate too soon because he wanted him to have a normal childhood.

“As far as our family unit is concerned, we are a normal family,” William previously stated to People. “I love my children as any father loves his children, and I hope George loves me as any son loves his father. In that way, we’re quite ordinary. There will be a time and a place to raise George and figure out where he belongs in the world. But for now, all I can do is provide a safe, stable environment for him and show him as much love as I can as a father.”

According to royal author and historian Robert Lacey of Netflix’s The Crown, the time William and his wife decided to tell George he would be king is believed to have occurred around the young prince’s 7th birthday in July 2020.

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“William has remained tight-lipped about how and when he told his son the big news. Perhaps George will tell us the storey one day. But it’s believed that around the boy’s seventh birthday in the summer of 2020, his parents went into greater detail about what the little prince’s future royal’service and duty’ would entail,” Lacey wrote in a new chapter of his book Battle of Brothers (per the Daily Mail). “William’s goal as a father, the prince emphasised, was to provide his son with a “normal family upbringing,” allowing the monarchy to “stay relevant and keep up with modern times.”

In terms of how they informed George, royal expert and author Katie Nicholl said the duke and duchess didn’t tell him all at once. They’ve been “gradually” attempting to introduce him to the fact that he’ll be the monarch someday, she told OK! Because he’s frequently “singled out” to spend more time with his great-grandmother Queen Elizabeth for things like the “Four Monarchs” portrait, the young royal has known for some time that he’s “different” from his siblings, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis.

When and how did Prince William find out about his fate?

Will and Kate didn’t have the luxury of waiting too long to tell George about his upcoming role because they didn’t want him to find out the same way William did.

Many people assumed that Prince Charles and Princess Diana sat down with William and explained everything to him, but they never had the opportunity. The prince’s parents tried to keep the news from him because they wanted him to be able to understand everything when the time came, but that plan was thwarted when he started school. Royal biographer Andrew Morton revealed in his book William & Catherine: Their Lives, Their Wedding that the now-Duke of Cambridge learned who he really was from the other kids in his class.

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Morton wrote, “Before William attended school, he had no idea that he was any different from anyone else” (per The Express). “His innocence about his position was quickly shattered by fellow students, who made it clear who he was. ‘Don’t you know the queen?’ a classmate is said to have asked him at one point. ‘Don’t you mean Granny?’ William asked, looking at him.

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