Kate Middleton’s Life Before Royalty Prepped Her for Future Role of Queen Consort

Kate was a commoner before joining the royal family in 2011 and becoming Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, just like many of us today. That’s not to say she didn’t live an interesting — and notably lavish — life; it’s just that she wasn’t yet a princess.

Kate did, however, grow up with wealthy parents, attend a prestigious private boarding school, and meet a British prince at the University of St. Andrews, which changed the course of her life from commoner to queen consort.

Kate Middleton is the daughter of self-made millionaires.

Catherine Elizabeth Middleton, the future royal, was born on January 9, 1982, in Reading, Berkshire, England, to Michael and Carole Middleton. With a sister named Pippa (or Philippa) Middleton and a brother named James Middleton, the eldest sister is one of three children.

Kate’s parents, according to Town&Country, have a combined net worth of over $67 million, a significant sum of money that began long before their daughter fell in love with a prince. It goes without saying that the three children grew up in a comfortable environment.

Kate actually grew up in a half-million-dollar house in Vernham Dean before moving to a more than million-dollar apartment in Chelsea, London, with her family.

Kate Middleton attended some of the best private boarding schools in the country.

Kate was a commoner who attended some of the finest boarding schools in the area before making the life-changing decision to attend the University of St. Andrews and meet her future husband. St. Andrew’s Prep School, Downe House, and co-ed Marlborough College were among them.

And, like the rest of us, she succumbed to the wacky antics of her adolescent years in school, earning herself a unique moniker at the time.

According to The Sun, the soon-to-be Queen Consort was said to have “flashed her bottom at the boys out of the window” when she was 16 — to which royal writer Christopher Andersen added, “she became known as Kate Middlebum at the school.”

This shocking revelation becomes even more shocking when we learn from Kate’s other friends at the time that it was a regular occurrence for the young Kate, who was just coming out of her shell as a teenager. While you’ll never see her act like that again, it does highlight how human and relatable the royal addition is.

How did Kate Middleton meet Prince William?

Kate’s last few years as a commoner were spent at the University of St. Andrews in Fife, Scotland. It was here that she met, fell in love with, and eventually married Prince William, her prince.

Despite coming from a wealthy family and being closer than ever to royal wealth, Kate worked as a waitress in college, which she found to be a broadly relatable job. Serving non-alcoholic cocktails brought the royal wife back to her days at the University of St. Andrews, she said in a BBC special called A Berry Royal Christmas.

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The experience “reminded me of my university days when I did a bit of waitressing,” the Duchess of Cambridge said. While this is exciting news for all of her fans, the duchess admitted to Berry, “I was terrible.”

Nonetheless, there’s no denying she was a commoner for dabbling in it in the first place, especially since we all know she could afford not to even before her marriage to William.

Since joining the royal family in 2011, the Duchess of Cambridge has shown no shortage of hard work, fashionable outfits, and, most importantly, charitable work. The charities and causes you support are your legacy for British royalty, especially if you’re following in the footsteps of none other than “The People’s Princess” herself.

Kate’s royal life, like Princess Diana’s before her, is unquestionably contributing to her legacy. It’s debatable whether she takes up her mother-in-title, law’s but either way, she’ll be remembered as “The Caring Duchess” who carried on the princess’s work.

Kate is next to honor Princess Diana’s legacy

Princess Diana’s ex-husband, Charles, Prince of Wales, married Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, years after she died. The new royal wife did not take on the title of Princess of Wales upon marriage out of respect for his beloved ex-wife, who died in a car accident nearly eight years earlier.

This means that the beloved Kate will be the next to carry on Diana’s legacy and assume the title of Princess of Wales. When Queen Elizabeth dies, Charles becomes King, and William becomes Prince of Wales, the duchess will be given the title.

We have no doubt that this future princess will uphold it with the same grace, kindness, and passion as her predecessor. We might even be looking at the next Diana to earn the title of “People’s Princess” or something similar, as she was truly unique.

Kate launched the Centre for Early Childhood on June 8, 2021, a passion project that will likely contribute to her own lasting legacy in the British royal family. She compares the project to addressing “the social equivalent of climate change,” and she hopes to see “a happier, more mentally healthy, and more nurturing society” emerge as a result.

“The Royal Foundation Centre for Early Childhood will focus on three key areas: research, collaboration, and development,” according to The Royal Family Channel. They will also launch “Big Change Starts Small,” which will bring research highlighting the impact of the early years on individuals and society, in addition to the big project.

“My own journey into understanding the value of early childhood began with adults rather than children. It was all about averting disaster. Kate is heard on the channel saying, “I wanted to understand what more we could do to help prevent some of today’s toughest social challenges and what more we could do to help with the rising rates of poor mental health.”

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“I’ve talked to a variety of people, including psychiatrists, neuroscientists, practitioners, academics, and parents. And it’s become clear that the best investment we can make in our future health and happiness is in our first five years,” the Duchess of Cambridge added. “It is for this reason that I am establishing the Royal Foundation Center for Early Childhood today.”

With her own charitable work, the duchess honours Princess Diana’s legacy.

You’re probably familiar with Diana as “The People’s Princess,” who supported over 100 charities and causes, the most notable of which was her ban on landmines. People truly believed Diana cared about them and had their best interests at heart because she did everything she could to make the world a better place for everyone.

It won’t be easy to step into such a prestigious title (if they choose to do so), but the Duchess of Cambridge is well on her way to filling shoes that mattered. She has already donated to 15 charities and 25 causes, and she isn’t even the Princess of Wales.

It also doesn’t end there.

Kate has also become a Patron to many charities and organisations since joining the royal family — 19 to be exact — which means her support and representation supersede general assistance and reflect the duchess’s interests, according to The Royal Family Channel (or royal party). The Duchess of Cambridge’s passions revolve around her family and children.

Kate and William’s royal wedding, their little princes and princesses, as well as the Duchess of Cambridge’s trending styles, charitable work, and incredible transition into royalty have all drawn a lot of attention to the royal family in recent years. There’s something alluring about a young woman with no royal blood fitting in seamlessly with the royal family.

Despite the fact that William is not the next in line to take the throne, Kate is patiently awaiting her turn as queen consort. As she prepares for the title and responsibilities that lie ahead of her, people are already buzzing about her being on track to be a “dignified” and “fantastic Queen.”

What will Kate Middleton have to do to become Queen Consort?

Kate will be queen consort rather than queen because she is not of royal blood. William will have to become King in order for this to happen. After the death of Queen Elizabeth II, Charles is expected to become king, and Camilla is expected to become queen consort (or princess consort).

For William and the Duchess of Cambridge to succeed the queen, Charles would have to die first or choose to abdicate.

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As a result, Timeline claims that the royal couple’s “future is a life very different from their university romance.” The British monarchy is about to undergo a transformation thanks to William and Kate. Its very survival may be in their hands.”

Kate is expected to be a fantastic queen consort, according to experts.

The modern-day royal couple is not only adored and admired throughout the United Kingdom and around the world, but they are also addressing pressing issues such as mental health, cyberbullying, childhood development, and wildlife conservation. While this does not reveal everything about the future Queen Consort, it does provide insight into their values.

“It’s impossible to predict what kind of Queen she would be. “We can only observe what we see and read,” social historian and author Ferdinand Mount told Timeline. “She appears to be a modest, cautious individual who is unlikely to jeopardise the monarchy, and I should have expected her to be a reassuring presence, but who knows what the future holds.” Catherine Mayer, a journalist and author, said, “I think Kate will make a dignified Queen.” “It’s difficult to imagine her taking on a social activist role akin to her father-in-or law’s anything like that.

I believe she will be very close to that model in terms of what people expect of the Queen — as the current Queen has defined it.” Emily Nash, royal correspondent at Hello, added, “I think Kate is going to make a fantastic Queen.” “She is passionate about the causes she supports, and I believe she will bring that same level of dedication to the role in the future. She wields enormous diplomatic clout.” According to the documentary, the Duchess of Cambridge will enter the role as Queen Consort with decades of experience in both life outside and inside the royal family — and this is said to be an advantage she will bring to the role. Kate is already working on her next title.

Of course, the Duchess of Cambridge isn’t just waiting for the title of queen consort without making any preparations. She should have started preparing for the title as soon as it became clear that she and Prince William would be embarking on this journey together. We all know about Kate’s great charities and causes for which she has worked so hard, including her new Center for Early Childhood, but that isn’t all that is expected of her as she prepares to become Queen Consort.

Kate has been preparing for the title, according to Good to Know, by accepting more patronages, sending messages of support during times of distress, participating in more royal engagements, and shaping the royal family’s image in the positive light it requires to survive.

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