‘Not as easy when you’re older!’ Prince Charles spotted driving futuristic car

DURING A TRIP TO WALES, THE Prince of Wales drove a high-tech British car that only emits water vapour.

When the Prince of Wales hopped in the futuristic car, he was visiting the hydrogen fuel-powered car company Riversimple in Llandrindod Wells, central Wales. As he whizzed away in a bright green car from the future, Charles, a lifelong environmental campaigner, appeared completely absorbed by the experience.

The car is powered entirely by hydrogen (Image: ITV)
The car is powered entirely by hydrogen (Image: ITV)

The car, known as the Rasa, emits nothing but pure water vapour, according to Prince Charles.

The long-time environmental activist also had a lengthy conversation with the car’s designers.

Along with zero carbon emissions, engineers explained how the car’s light bodyweight and skinny tyres are designed to reduce particulates from tyres and brakes.

In addition, the high regenerative braking reduces the amount of harmful pollutants that enter the atmosphere.

The two-seater car has an incredible range of 300 miles before requiring a hydrogen fuel cell refuel.

The Rasa model, according to Riversimple, is “light to handle, responsive, and fun to drive.”

They also claim that it can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in 9.7 seconds.

Before being invited for a test drive, Prince Charles was seen completely enthralled as the engineers explained the ins and outs of the car’s design.

Prince Charles’ face beams with excitement as he climbs into the car, which has butterfly doors that open upwards.

The Prince of Wales is then seen speeding away in a futuristic green car, driving alongside a member of staff.

Following his test drive, he can be seen speeding back to the factory.

As he emerges from the cockpit of the fancy motor, the Prince can be heard joking “not as easy when you get older!” in reference to his age.

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