Prince William and Kate caught up in earthquake


Yesterday south-east Asia was hit by a massive earthquake that caused people to run out of their homes. The earthquake of 7.0-magnitude hit Myanmar but also sent powerful shock waves across eastern India and Bangladesh. Kate and William were staying in India’s Kaziranga National Park when it happened. Authorities in Myanmar and India said there were no reports of injuries.

The Daily Mail’s Royal Correspondent Rebecca English said: “The lobby of the hotel started swaying and the staff warned us to stand away from the check-in desk because of falling glass. The tremor got progressively worse. The floor started swaying and then staff urged us to run outside into the car park until they could access how severe it was going to be. The entire incident probably lasted only about a minute but was frightening. I have heard directly from members of the Royal Household in the Bhutanese capital of Thimpu who felt it there and understand that it was felt in Assam, where they couple are staying. I am assured everyone is OK though.”

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are scheduled to leave for Bhutan on Thursday and continue their royal tour. The latest earthquake that hit India happened in January 3, 2016 and there were reported 11 dead and 200 injured. Regional event also affected Myanmar and Bangladesh. There isn’t yet any report from the Duke and Duchess or The British Monarchy, we are assured that everyone is fine and their tour will continue as scheduled.