Prince Charles Opens Up About His Bond With Prince George

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On Prince George’s first birthday, Prince Charles of Wales turned the Highgrove gardens into a dream playground for his grandson, which actually was William and Harry’s old den. The gardens around the house are his particular passion he says, and he has been spending a lot of time gardening with 2-year-old George.

In an interview for BBC Radio 4 Charles told that he finds gardening to be therapeutic and rewarding, and he’s even redesigned some gardens just for his grandkids. He wanted to make them friendly and even made a maze for the little ones at Dumfries House. This is just adorable and shows his special bond with Prince George and his other grandkids. Apparently, Charles learned about gardening from his own grandmother, the Queen Mother and now he wants to see if George would take an interest in what he loves to do.

Prince Charles reportedly said that he took George to one of his gardens and had the little toddler dig up some dirt and help plant some trees. He said that he wanted to introduce his grandson to gardening because it’s something he loves to do and that maybe George would be interested about it, who knows?

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Gardening is a rare passion these days, but to imagine Prince Charles and Prince George together, matching gardening gloves and planting a tree is such an adorable thing.

The prince and his two-year-old grandson have planted a Balsam Poplar tree in the gardens around the main house as a lasting memory of their time together.

If you ask me, planting a tree was the most beautiful thing to do, because it will grow along with Prince George. The tree will grow strong, and stronger will grow their bond between a grandfather and his grandchild. It will resemble their passion and their love for each-other.

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